6. Where may I find information on COPPA?

6. Where may I find information on COPPA?

The FTC includes a comprehensive web site which provides information towards the public on many different agency tasks. The Children’s Privacy part includes many different materials regarding COPPA, including all proposed and last guidelines, general general public reviews gotten by the Commission for the duration of its rulemakings, guides for companies, parents, and instructors, information regarding the Commission-approved COPPA safe harbor programs, and FTC instances delivered to enforce COPPA. Most how to use mature quality singles of the materials that are educational the FTC internet site are for sale in difficult content totally free at ftc.gov/bulkorder.

7. Just just exactly What can I do if We have questions regarding the COPPA Rule?

The very first thing you really need to do is see the FTC’s Children’s Privacy guidance materials. If, after reviewing the FTC’s on line materials, you maintain to own particular COPPA questions, please deliver a contact to your COPPA hotline at CoppaHotLine@ftc.gov.

8. Exactly just just What must I do if i’ve a problem about some body breaking the COPPA Rule?

You may fill a complaint form online out. Additionally you may phone our cost free cell phone number, (877) FTC-HELP, to submit your grievance to a real time operator.

9. I am aware that COPPA does not simply connect with sites, but additionally to “online solutions. ” What kinds of online services does COPPA apply to?

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