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Dating frauds

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One when it comes to good dudes, not long ago I ended up being duped with a dating scam upon arrival in Ghana i possibly could maybe maybe not provide a destination target and immigration wouldn’t normally allow me to pass we told them on the other side and would provide an address we went together and there was a 10 year old holding a sign with my name and when the officer went to question the boy where is the girl the boy wet his pants the officer asked the boy who sent him he pointed out a group of 20 something guys and they arrested one and the rest ran for cover I was detained and held in protective custody by the police I was taken to a hotel near the airport and asked not to leave over the next two weeks the 22 year old boy confessed to masterminding the hole thing and said he invented all three of the names and fake ID’s used in the scam included in the scam was 2 persons from the immigration service regarding transfer of gold into my name to be shiped to the USA that she was waiting for me

Simply speaking the immigration solution wasn’t included and took it really myself which they were utilized when you look at the scam. Law enforcement guy assigned to safeguard me personally through the other people happens to be certainly one of my close friends and thought an adequate amount of me personally after all of the crap we delivered to their home action to introduce us to a lady that is a relative of their wifes and now we are now actually dating.

The thing I need to have carried out into the beginning is head to Ghana on holiday and allow it be understood I happened to be enthusiastic about a gf while the entire country could have provided me personally their siblings. It can are cheaper

Since it is i am aware every one of the immigration officers and all sorts of regarding the police during the airport authorities section and there aren’t any dishonest immigration officials or dishonest authorities investigators

It really is possible for individuals to get IDs that are fake along with your cash.

The arrested man had purchased a car or truck with my cash as well as the paid down their sentince if he signed it up to me and I also consented following the uncle pleaded beside me to exhibit mercy. They circulated the person and it is increasingly being watched to see out of Ghana if he will lead them to the rest of the gang and this the Ghana FBI is sure that there are others involved and experince has taught them its Nigerian men they have open borders and they cant keep them.

I became told that at the least 2 guys moving away from every air air plane that lands has been scamed

This tale is free to you but I was cost by it 25,000 therefore go on it for just what it’s well well well worth.

Get here it a place that is great go to and an excellent location to spend in there future development their economy keeps growing fast and there are good realestate opportunities, there are lots of truthful people here that are able to allow you to from being fooled

Oh by the real way i went along to the I net cafes and there no feamales in there just guys

If you’d like more information contact me personally At

Wow. Exactly exactly What an account. I will be happy it somehow possessed an ending that is happy-ish you. It surely has been even even worse, i believe.

I am touting down about dating frauds with this internet site for a time that is long and ended up being upset once they turn off the forum if you are «inappropriate. » You resurrected the necessity for it.

That is clearly a frightening statistic about 2 males for each and each plane, but most likely it really is greater than that.

Many thanks really for sharing. We intend on connecting your tale to my present web log.

Many thanks for your publishing.

I became attempting to no, that the pic that the guys reveal of themselves young and fit, one I became talking to had been extremely light skinned and then he stated he desired us to arrive at ghana, accra, i asked for a target and he offered me personally p.o. Box, in which he claims he could be a us resident sufficient reason for flght and visa and passport he has paid 3800 and needs my help with a 1000 help for him and his child the cost is 4500 and

He doesn’t need a visa to get back to US if he is a US citizen. A trip that is r/t for a grown-up is all about $1200, for a young child it’s 75% of this. With additional than $3000 he has, he should have been back in the US already that he claims. He could be lying.

Many thanks for this info! I’ve been targeted several times on Ebony Planet by ladies who claim they would like to chat and after a few momemts they begin suggesting they love. Next it is send me some funds. It’s a big game to fleece the guys who surf online dating sites along with other social support systems! Guys Beware!

I believe this really is occurring in my opinion these days.

I adore to talk and go online. Which frequently times includes dating and(other) internet sites.

The gal in ghana was(is) in love with me within 2 days.

I’m maybe not an unseasoned traveler or user that is internet.

I will be kind of going combined with movement. She asked for my complete name, which I didn’t provide, but, we probably made the error of providing her my company’ site.

She says she actually is Aussie along with her mother is from Ghana and thats generally why she actually is here. Incidentally. She stated she recently destroyed her task, when you look at the families, GOLD company. Exactly exactly exactly how interested.

Happy to know that the antennae is through to the Aussie chick. The trend is to string her along for some time and keep her busy — the longer she believes she’s got you «hooked» the less possibility she will pull in certain bad, uninformed, misguided sucker, er, heart.; -)

Simply i had been nearly scammed by way of a «Rubben Dellings» – rubb. today – who we came across through eHarmony. I became dubious from the beginning but every objection I raised he appeared to surmount. I could find nothing indicating he had been a scammer on the web. He posed being a native of Germany that was a cover that is excellent their bad sentence structure. He seemed this kind of a large rush to construct an accessory that we nicknamed him «Monsieur Lu-uhve» whenever we talked of him to my buddies, but sooner or later we became convinced he undoubtedly maintained me personally.

This is certainly, until this contractor that is»international damaged their laptop computer and required us to deliver him an HP Pavilion dv 6500. The PO Box he provided me with to send it to is one for that appears like a listing of contractors for the ministry:


WESTERN AFRICA. I will just imagine are going to since displeased as the office of immigration.

He named «Solomon Nutakor» as their supposed associate, and had provided me personally the telephone quantity (209) 487-0928 hoping of having my telephone number from me personally. We called him he said, «u calling, » so for some reason he gave the correct phone number while we were online chatting and. You are given by me these records to alert you, if you should be in touch. We have provided them into the FBI and would like to cause them to the usa Consulate in Accra together with Ghanaian authorities, if i will work out how.

Inside our internet communications, We often got the impression he’d forgotten exactly just exactly what he’d explained. Looking straight straight back, i could see some classes become provided. Check out indications that you will be conversing with a scammer:

1) Their answer your email provides no indicator they will have grasped everything you just stated. Never excuse their bad demand regarding the English language; assume that, at the best, they’re not in a position to communicate good enough for you to get to know them or that, at worst, they are scammers with you for them to get to know you or. In any event, a bad prospect for the relationship that is meaningful.

2) The greater amount of torrid their occupations of love, the more unlikely they have been real. Do not bother calling them on the exaggerated or hurried exclamations of love, they are going to just duplicate them and soon you think them. Any being that is human when they hear one thing duplicated sufficient, starts to think it is real. You don’t have to be searching right right back thinking about the manner in which you, a person that is smart could possibly be therefore foolish.

3) do not rely on the dating service’s safety measures. One scammer from months ago (who I’d the fortune that is good avoid because when this occurs I believed internet chatting ended up being for sneaky people) had their identification confirmed because of the dating solution to brand him as genuine. How that happened, I do not know.

4) If their dating profile or match is unexpectedly closed without description, do not question them about any of it.

I did so, and he stated it absolutely was because he’d already came across the love of their life (yes, me personally) in which he don’t require it any longer. Another person has most likely currently reported.

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