Ways to get that loan for land

Ways to get that loan for land

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Vacant Land Flexi Smart

Versatile features to assist you spend your loan off faster.

Because of the freedom of creating prepayment, you’ll be able to save very well interest right from the start. This shortens your loan tenure, and finally, you’ll own your land faster. For additional convenience, you additionally have the flexibleness to withdraw prepayment, and also to save you a lot more, Vacant Land Flexi Smart comes without set-up and maintenance fees.

  • Vacant Land Flexi Smart
  • Vacant Land Flexi Smart

Qualities & Advantages

For domestic, commercial, commercial and agricultural land that is vacant

Withdrawal and payment convenience

Make withdrawal and prepayment via CIMB Clicks, Contact Centre or any CIMB Bank branches nationwide

Tall margin of funding

• Commercial and industrial: as much as 65% + 5% (GMTA/Legal/Valuation)

• Agricultural: as much as 55% + 5% (GMTA/Legal/Valuation)

Freedom of withdrawal

Withdraw prepayment anytime at a fee that is affordable.

Loan tenure

• Res years of age, whichever is early in the day

• Commercial, industrial and agricultural: as much as two decades, or 65 years old, whichever is earlier in the day

Group Mortgage Term Assurance (GMTA) could be financed

Save well on revenue whenever you make prepayment which decreases the outstanding principal loan quantity

No processing / put up / upkeep cost

Enjoy more affordability.

Extra Features

  • No commitment costs
  • Statement – Annually
  • Prevailing Rate Of Interest and Default Clause. Please click on this link to find out more.
  • For CIMB Prime Banking customer, take pleasure in the after benefits:
    • Earn 0.1 Bonus Point for every single financing that is RM1
    • Preferential prices

Month-to-month Installment Calculator

Select the extent to learn the rates that are corresponding annum.

Eligibility & Requirement

  • People aged 18 years and above.
  • NRIC photocopy
  • Latest three months’ income slide
  • Latest EPF statement / Latest three months bank statements showing wage crediting
  • Purchase & Purchase Agreement / Booking form from designer
  • NRIC photocopy
  • Company enrollment
  • Latest a few months company bank statements
  • Latest Form B with income tax re re re payment receipt
  • Purchase & Purchase Agreement / Booking form from designer

Costs & Costs

Service Tax Implementation Taxes on products (including installment loans in massachusetts yet not restricted to solution income tax, indirect fees or withholding taxes), where relevant, because could be imposed because of the national of Malaysia and any fees payable relating to or arising away from center funding/account is supposed to be payable.

Put up charge of RM200.00

Monthly solution fee of RM10.00

Monthly flexi charge / Non rebated profit of RM40.00

Monthly solution charge of RM10.00

Monthly charge that is flexi of

Redraw charge of RM25.00** via OTC/Branch/Contact Centre and RM 10.00** via CIMB ticks

**per transaction whatever the quantity withdrawn

For duration as much as one year

Front web page – RM 10.00

Extra web web page – RM 2.00

Year for period exceeding 1

Front web page – RM 30.00

Extra web web web page – RM 2.00

Depending on Stamp Duty Act 1949 (Revised 1989)

I) Letter Provide: RM10.00

Ii) Principal Document: RM5.00 for almost any RM1,000.00

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Products / Items Fees and costs
1 HomeLoan / BizLoan / Variable Residence Financing-i / Business Premises Financing-i / Term Financing-i / Vacant Land Financing Processing cost: Not relevant
2 HomeFlexi / BizFlexi / Flexi Home Financing-i / Flexi company Premises Financing-i
3 Flexi Vacant Land Financing
4 HomeFlexi Smart/ BizFlexi Smart / HomeFlexi Smart-i / BizFlexi Smart-i Processing cost of RM200.00
5 HomeFlexi Smart / BizFlexi Smart/ Vacant Land Flexi Smart / HomeFlexi Smart-i / BizFlexi Smart-i / Residential Vacant Land Flexi Smart-i
6 Secured OD Commitment charge of just one% p.a. In the unutilised quantity for OD center of RM 250,000.00 and above
7 Special PR1MA End Financing (SPEF) Package Processing fee of RM 200.00
8 Redemption declaration (Home loan / Home financing) RM 50.00 per request
9 Letter of verification for EPF withdrawal RM 20.00 per demand
10 Ring Fence Processing Fee for EPF withdrawal RM 50.00 per demand
11 Reproduction of statements
12 Stamp Duties